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Uzumeri x Godel #5: I Talked To God And Here’s What He Said (Animal Man 21-26)

Posted in UGGU: Grant Morrison's Animal Man on December 29, 2010 by doctorcasino

Godel: Happy holidays! We’re back!

Uzumeri: So welcome to the final installment of Uzumeri x Godel’s look at Grant Morrison’s seminal run on Animal Man!

Godel: It probably goes without saying, but again this week our feature will include EXTREMELY MAJOR MASSIVE SPOILERS for Animal Man. If you’re considering reading this comic (which we recommend), buy the trades now and read us later. We’ll be here.

Also, this is our longest post to date, not only because we have many brilliant and insightful things to say, but also because I can’t bring myself to edit out any of the jokes.

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Uzumeri x Godel #4: What About Crying Whales?! (Animal Man 15-20)

Posted in UGGU: Grant Morrison's Animal Man on December 18, 2010 by doctorcasino

Godel: Welcome back, Animal Fans! This is Uzumeri x Godel, our ongoing reader’s journey through Grant Morrison’s DC Universe super-project, as outlined by our spirit-guide, Morrison mega-fan David Uzumeri. I’m Addison Godel: a general comics fan reading most of this for the first time. This week is our next-to-final chapter of Morrison’s Animal Man, with Chas Truog (pencils), Doug Hazlewood (inks), Tatjana Wood (colors), and Brian Bolland (the covers).

Even by the standards of this comic, issues 15-20, it turns out, are where things get a little weird.

Uzumeri: You’ve got a few fairly low-key oneshots, and then someone basically cuts the brakes on the narrative vehicle and there are two absolutely major events in those last three issues, as well as the introduction of imagery that’ll carry on through the rest of Morrison’s DC work.

Godel: I should also say: this conversation contains major, major spoilers. If you haven’t read Animal Man, and are sort of thinking about it, close this window and buy the trades now, or you will totally, totally regret it.

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Godel x Uzumeri #4: Byrne-ing Down The House (X-Men 109-113, Iron Fist 15)

Posted in UGGU: Chris Claremont's Uncanny X-Men on December 13, 2010 by doctorcasino

Uzumeri: Hey! Welcome back to Godel x Uzumeri, where we’re taking a look at the classic Chris Claremont X-Men run. This time we’re starting with issue #109, John Byrne’s second issue on the title and the first after the epic Shi’ar/M’kraan Crystal arc. He’s read all of this stuff before; I haven’t.

Godel: IN THESE ISSUES: In short succession, the X-Men face off against WEAPON ALPHA, WARHAWK, MESMERO, and then in a two-parter, MAGNETO. But the real hook here is that this is our first chunk with John Byrne firmly installed as penciller and (at this point unofficially) co-plotter. So as a bonus, we also took a look at the X-Men’s guest appearance in IRON FIST #15, the final issue of that Claremont/Byrne title and their first time doing the X-Men together, since it came out a few months before #108.

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Uzumeri x Godel #3: I Break Fourth Walls Down In Africa (Animal Man 10-14, Secret Origins 39)

Posted in UGGU: Grant Morrison's Animal Man on December 7, 2010 by doctorcasino

Godel: Wellllllllcome back everybody! I’m the Uncanny Addison Godel and this is David Uzumeri – better known as The Batmannotator. In this ongoing feature, we’re guiding each other through extended runs on classic titles by major creators. This time, we continue our journey through the late 1980s’ Animal Man title written by Grant Morrison and pencilled by Chas Truog. David knows where this is all going, and brings the expertise; this is my first time reading this stuff and I bring the wide-eyed wonder.

Uzumeri: In Animal Man #10-12 and Secret Origins #39, we first get a retelling of Animal Man’s classic origin before an arc explaining Post-Crisis changes to his continuity via the introduction of the yellow continuity cop aliens in an arc that also features an immortal white ape sheikh of some kind, former Justice League Detroit member Vixen and more foreshadowing about the continuity crisis with Highwater and Psycho-Pirate, including a short piece about Morrison’s childhood.

#13 is a one-off introducing the successor to the white B’wana Beast: Freedom Beast, a black dude fighting apartheid in South Africa. #14 is a oneshot, pencilled by Tom Grummett again, featuring more Highwater and a great deal of ominous foreshadowing about Buddy and his family centered on the date September 27.

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Uzumeri x Godel #2: Superhero Rushmore (Animal Man 6-9)

Posted in UGGU: Grant Morrison's Animal Man on December 2, 2010 by uzumerid

Uzumeri: Welcome back to our now-biweekly look at Grant Morrison’s overriding DC Universe megaplot, starting with his first US comics work, Animal Man with Chas Truog (#9 by Tom Grummett). After the opening arc and “Coyote Gospel,” these four oneshots (#6-9) are each largely standalone while continuing the main plots of the series, while also tying into Invasion! and teasing upcoming events and their relationship to the at-the-time-recently-concluded Crisis on Infinite Earths.

We should probably just go through them one by one. #6 is a tie-in with the Invasion! crossover, which featured a bunch of different aliens invading the Earth. Fun fact: Invasion! was by Keith Giffen, our X-cowriter buddy Bill Mantlo and Todd McFarlane. It was basically a big sci-fi clusterfuck, where almost every alien race in the DCU came to fuck up Earth.

Godel: Ahhhh, okay, so it’s not just Bird-Man’s people in this.

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