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Godel x Uzumeri #6: Back in the UGGU (X-Men 120-124, Annual #3)

Posted in UGGU: Chris Claremont's Uncanny X-Men on January 22, 2011 by doctorcasino

Uzumeri: What up, X-Nerds! We’re back for another look at the classic Claremont run, this time attacking a six-issue arc involving evil Canadians, inner demons, Arcade, the gullibility of Colossus, and more evidence that George Perez really, really, really likes drawing beefy, hairy-chested, half-naked dudes.

Godel: SPECIFICALLY: The X-Men battle ALPHA FLIGHT, a Canadian super-team hoping to recapture Wolverine; the team finally gets home to the deserted mansion, and has some down time (as Storm battles some JUNKIES) before a run-in with high-concept assassin ARCADE. Meanwhile, in the Annual, they battle ARKON before helping him save his barbarian planet from certain doom.

SUBPLOT WATCH: Lots of Jean stuff – she worries Moira with her power levels, and also bumps into a DASHING GENTLEMAN who secretly is plotting to control her or something. Meanwhile, Cyclops is dating COLLEEN WING, Wolverine is seeing MARIKO, Colossus has DOUBTS about being an X-Man, and Banshee’s VOICE is still gone.

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Godel x Uzumeri #5: Savagin’ A Savage Land (X-Men 114-119)

Posted in UGGU: Chris Claremont's Uncanny X-Men on January 6, 2011 by doctorcasino

Uzumeri: Hey, X-Fans! After our double shot of Grant Morrison’s Animal Man to finish off that bad boy, we’re here with the first of two consecutive installments in our look at Chris Claremont’s franchise-defining run on the X-Men. I’m David Uzumeri, and this is Addison Godel, and we’re taking a look at issues 114 to 119 this week.

Godel: IN THESE ISSUES: The X-Men have been separated into two groups in their escape from Magneto’s base; each group thinks the other died in the process. The larger group, unable to get a message home, battles SAURON and GAROKK THE PETRIFIED MAN in the Savage Land, then hitches it to Japan just in time to face down MOSES MAGNUM.

The smaller group – Beast and Phoenix – make it home to tell Professor X about the “dead” X-Men, BUMMING HIM OUT. In the following days, Xavier goes on to recount the tale of his first encounter with an evil mutant, before leaving with Lilandra for OUTER SPACE.

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