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Godel x Uzumeri #7: Debut of a Disco Dazzler (X-Men 125-131)

Posted in UGGU: Chris Claremont's Uncanny X-Men on March 22, 2011 by doctorcasino

Uzumeri: Welcome back to Godel x Uzumeri’s irregular looks at Chris Claremont’s classic run on Uncanny X-Men! We’re here to take at #125-131, covering the classic four-issue Proteus arc – which I completely and totally misremembered, by the way – and the initial brouhaha with the Hellfire Club.

Godel: IN THESE ISSUES: The X-Men finally reunite on Muir Island to do battle with Moira’s evil, long-hinted son – the reality-warping, body-snatching MUTANT X, aka PROTEUS. They eke out a victory, but Banshee remains behind with Moira as the X-Men head home, where they find Professor X, returned from space early to check in on the Phoenix subplot. A tip from Cerebro sends them off to find two new mutants, suburban teenager KITTY PRYDE and New York disco hipster DAZZLER; this turns into a showdown with EMMA FROST of the HELLFIRE CLUB, who seem to have anticipated the X-Men’s every move!

SUBPLOT WATCH: Wyngarde continues his meddling with Phoenix, somehow making her believe she’s slipping back in time to the life of a Hellfire-themed 18th century ancestor. Jean’s powers (and her increasingly casual use of them), continue to plague everyone’s minds. Meanwhile, Colleen Wing quietly disappears from the comic.

So first up is the Proteus thing, which at four issues is probably the longest single coherent story we’ve seen to date. How’d it play for you?

Uzumeri: Loved it.

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