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Uzumeri x Godel #9: Teen Angel (JLA 6-9, JLA Secret Files 1)

Posted in UGGU: Grant Morrison's JLA on May 23, 2011 by doctorcasino

Godel: Hello again! As always, I’m Addison Godel, DC comics amateur, and this is David Uzumeri, leading me on a journey through the mind of Grant Morrison. This week, we follow the Justice League through a few more adventures in JLA #6-9, and JLA Secret Files #1.

Uzumeri: In other words, we’re doing the second half of the first JLA hardcover. We’re look at two arcs and a oneshot here — the first arc features the introduction of Zauriel and follows up on plot points from the previous year’s Underworld Unleashed miniseries by Mark Waid and Howard Porter, and its stand-in Satan villain, Neron. The second arc is honestly one of my favorite arcs of the run, with fantastic guest art by Oscar Jimenez, and features old-school JLA villain the Key back from a self-induced psychedelic coma with one of the best villainous plans I’ve ever heard: placing the JLA in a situation where, if they win, HE wins, using their own competence against themselves.

Finally, there’s this story from the Secret Files that was published between #9 and #10, and cowritten by Mark Millar – a flashback to the formation of the new JLA, costarring the Spectre and the original Justice League’s very first enemy, the infamous Starro the Conqueror.

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Godel x Uzumeri #9: My Name Is Wendigo Montoya (Uncanny X-Men 139-143, Annual 4)

Posted in UGGU: Chris Claremont's Uncanny X-Men on May 16, 2011 by doctorcasino

Uzumeri: Yo x-people! It’s my birthday this weekend, and what better way can to celebrate than by finishing off John Byrne’s X-Men run?

Godel: I dunno – Smallville is looking pretty good!

IN THESE ISSUES: It’s been months since Dark Phoenix.  The X-Men move on, with Storm leading and Angel and Kitty “Sprite” Pryde on board.  In the Annual (pencils by John Romita, Jr.), the team battle through a facsimile of DANTE’S INFERNO to save Nightcrawler. In the monthly book (now Uncanny X-Men in the indicia): Nightcrawler and Wolverine join with Alpha Flight to take down WENDIGO!   Sprite faces a lone DEMON at the mansion!  And everybody battles the new BROTHERHOOD OF EVIL MUTANTS, hoping to forestall a DYSTOPIAN FUTURE ruled by SENTINELS!

SUBPLOT WATCH: Kitty is weirded out by Kurt and interested in Peter. Nightcrawler and Snowbird size each other up (this goes nowhere). Storm is jealous of Kitty’s rapport with dance teacher Stevie Hunter.  People are worried about Wolverine’s murderous ways.  Mystique hints she has a connection with Nightcrawler, Shaw and Senator Kelly launch Project: Wideawake, and Cyclops meets a charming Lady Boat Captain!

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Uzumeri x Godel #8: JLA! Blown Away! What Else Do I Have To Say? (JLA 1-5)

Posted in UGGU: Grant Morrison's JLA on May 2, 2011 by doctorcasino

Godel:  Another long one, folks!  After a couple of one-offs in Gothic and Aztek, we’re settling back into an ongoing Grant Morrison series, and it’s a doozy:  the 1997 relaunch of Justice League of America, now just JLA.

Uzumeri: The ’90s were host to a lot of simplified reboots, and the shortened name would seem to fit in with the cynical, anti-heroic nature of the times – playing up the branding and playing down the connotations behind all the words in the name. It’s a tactic that would work very well a few years later with the Justice Society, before the full names were restored amidst mid-’00s Bronze Age nostalgia.

Godel: It’s like Kentucky Fried Chicken becoming KFC.

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