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Godel x Uzumeri #10: Got A Magnet In My Head (Uncanny X-Men 144-150)

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Uzumeri: Welcome back to Godel x Uzumeri, and our look at Chris Claremont’s legendary run on Uncanny X-Men! It’s a long one this time: we’re taking a look at the issues directly after Byrne’s departure, culminating in a big Magneto story in issue #150. We’ll also see Man-Thing, the return of Arcade, Ororo’s bizarre admiration for totalitarian dictators, and much more!

Godel: IN THESE ISSUES: Two  groups of characters make their way to #150: in Story A, Cyclops plies the high seas with new love interest, Captain Aleytys “Lee” Forrester. They join MAN-THING in battling terrible despair-themed villain D’SPAYRE, then they get shipwrecked in the Bermuda Triangle and find a MYSTERIOUS ISLAND occupied by MAGNETO!

Meanwhile, the rest of the X-Men get drawn into a three-parter against DOCTOR DOOM and ARCADE, before having a run-in with misunderstood sewer mutant CALIBAN. Finally following up on issue #113, they then head for Antarctica to investigate Magneto’s old base; they’re surprised by a rematch with their most hated foe: GAROKK! While they’re searching for Cyclops, Magneto crashes their plane, they have a showdown, and it all ends when Mags nearly kills Kitty and is overcome by his CONSCIENCE.

SUBPLOT WATCH: Everyone struggles to make Kitty feel welcome, although her youth and inexperience keep coming up. Her flirtation with Colossus continues, even as her suspicion of Nightcrawler starts winding down. (There’s a weird suggestion that Nightcrawler is subconsciously trying to get on her bad side – this goes nowhere.) Storm is still weird around Stevie. The “Wolverine is a crazed maniac” thread culminates in an annoyed Angel quitting the team. Colossus’s kid sister Illyana (a potential mutant?) is now hanging around.   And…Magneto gets a backstory!

COMPLETIST WATCH: We’re skipping over Spider-Woman v1 #37-38 (Claremont), wherein Black Tom, Juggernaut, and their dupe minion Siryn (in her first appearance) frame Spider-Woman for a vibranium heist. The X-Men join in when Cerebro detects Siryn; they sort everything out, and Siryn comes back here to meet her unsuspecting father Banshee in Uncanny #148.

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