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Uzumeri x Godel #9: Teen Angel (JLA 6-9, JLA Secret Files 1)

Posted in UGGU: Grant Morrison's JLA on May 23, 2011 by doctorcasino

Godel: Hello again! As always, I’m Addison Godel, DC comics amateur, and this is David Uzumeri, leading me on a journey through the mind of Grant Morrison. This week, we follow the Justice League through a few more adventures in JLA #6-9, and JLA Secret Files #1.

Uzumeri: In other words, we’re doing the second half of the first JLA hardcover. We’re look at two arcs and a oneshot here — the first arc features the introduction of Zauriel and follows up on plot points from the previous year’s Underworld Unleashed miniseries by Mark Waid and Howard Porter, and its stand-in Satan villain, Neron. The second arc is honestly one of my favorite arcs of the run, with fantastic guest art by Oscar Jimenez, and features old-school JLA villain the Key back from a self-induced psychedelic coma with one of the best villainous plans I’ve ever heard: placing the JLA in a situation where, if they win, HE wins, using their own competence against themselves.

Finally, there’s this story from the Secret Files that was published between #9 and #10, and cowritten by Mark Millar – a flashback to the formation of the new JLA, costarring the Spectre and the original Justice League’s very first enemy, the infamous Starro the Conqueror.

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Uzumeri x Godel #8: JLA! Blown Away! What Else Do I Have To Say? (JLA 1-5)

Posted in UGGU: Grant Morrison's JLA on May 2, 2011 by doctorcasino

Godel:  Another long one, folks!  After a couple of one-offs in Gothic and Aztek, we’re settling back into an ongoing Grant Morrison series, and it’s a doozy:  the 1997 relaunch of Justice League of America, now just JLA.

Uzumeri: The ’90s were host to a lot of simplified reboots, and the shortened name would seem to fit in with the cynical, anti-heroic nature of the times – playing up the branding and playing down the connotations behind all the words in the name. It’s a tactic that would work very well a few years later with the Justice Society, before the full names were restored amidst mid-’00s Bronze Age nostalgia.

Godel: It’s like Kentucky Fried Chicken becoming KFC.

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