Godel x Uzumeri #9: My Name Is Wendigo Montoya (Uncanny X-Men 139-143, Annual 4)

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Uzumeri: Yo x-people! It’s my birthday this weekend, and what better way can to celebrate than by finishing off John Byrne’s X-Men run?

Godel: I dunno – Smallville is looking pretty good!

IN THESE ISSUES: It’s been months since Dark Phoenix.  The X-Men move on, with Storm leading and Angel and Kitty “Sprite” Pryde on board.  In the Annual (pencils by John Romita, Jr.), the team battle through a facsimile of DANTE’S INFERNO to save Nightcrawler. In the monthly book (now Uncanny X-Men in the indicia): Nightcrawler and Wolverine join with Alpha Flight to take down WENDIGO!   Sprite faces a lone DEMON at the mansion!  And everybody battles the new BROTHERHOOD OF EVIL MUTANTS, hoping to forestall a DYSTOPIAN FUTURE ruled by SENTINELS!

SUBPLOT WATCH: Kitty is weirded out by Kurt and interested in Peter. Nightcrawler and Snowbird size each other up (this goes nowhere). Storm is jealous of Kitty’s rapport with dance teacher Stevie Hunter.  People are worried about Wolverine’s murderous ways.  Mystique hints she has a connection with Nightcrawler, Shaw and Senator Kelly launch Project: Wideawake, and Cyclops meets a charming Lady Boat Captain!

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Uzumeri x Godel #8: JLA! Blown Away! What Else Do I Have To Say? (JLA 1-5)

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Godel:  Another long one, folks!  After a couple of one-offs in Gothic and Aztek, we’re settling back into an ongoing Grant Morrison series, and it’s a doozy:  the 1997 relaunch of Justice League of America, now just JLA.

Uzumeri: The ’90s were host to a lot of simplified reboots, and the shortened name would seem to fit in with the cynical, anti-heroic nature of the times – playing up the branding and playing down the connotations behind all the words in the name. It’s a tactic that would work very well a few years later with the Justice Society, before the full names were restored amidst mid-’00s Bronze Age nostalgia.

Godel: It’s like Kentucky Fried Chicken becoming KFC.

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Godel x Uzumeri #8: Body and Soul, I’m A Freak (X-Men 132-138)

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Uzumeri: Yo yo yo! This is Addison Godel and I’m David Uzumeri; we’re reading through Chris Claremont’s legendary run as the writer behind the X-Men. This week: the Dark Phoenix Saga!

Godel: IN THESE ISSUES: The X-Men attempt to infiltrate the HELLFIRE CLUB. Unfortunately, they are taken down by the club’s Inner Circle, including WYNGARDE, who succeeds in his plan to mentally turn Phoenix into the BLACK QUEEN. The X-Men turn the tables, but Phoenix has been permanently unhinged; as DARK PHOENIX she goes on a cosmic rampage.   The Shi’ar place her under arrest as a threat to the universe, and the X-Men fight for her life – but in the end Jean chooses SUICIDE rather than risk becoming Dark Phoenix again.

SUBPLOT WATCH: Sebastian Shaw discusses SENTINELS with US Senator Robert Kelly.  That’s it!

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Uzumeri x Godel #7: Sucks To Your Ass-Tek (Aztek: The Ultimate Man 1-10)

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Godel: Welcome back to our continuing coverage of Grant Morrison’s DC Universe project! Set the wayback machine for 1996 and the debut of a promising ongoing series, Aztek: The Ultimate Man, cowritten by Morrison with Mark Millar, with art throughout by N. Steven Harris (pencils), Keith Champagne (inks) and Mike Danza (colors). Unfortunately, it was cancelled due to low sales and disappeared from the shelves with #10. But we won’t let that stop us!

Uzumeri: This is, I’m pretty sure, the second-to-last time Morrison will EVER get a book cancelled on him. Before this was Skrull Kill Krew and later on comes Marvel Boy.

Godel: Which is actually a kind of similar comic! New guy in town, hazily-defined powers… Aztek veers closer to being a traditional superhero, rather than a walking sci-fi concept, but it sort of straddles the gap.

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Godel x Uzumeri #7: Debut of a Disco Dazzler (X-Men 125-131)

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Uzumeri: Welcome back to Godel x Uzumeri’s irregular looks at Chris Claremont’s classic run on Uncanny X-Men! We’re here to take at #125-131, covering the classic four-issue Proteus arc – which I completely and totally misremembered, by the way – and the initial brouhaha with the Hellfire Club.

Godel: IN THESE ISSUES: The X-Men finally reunite on Muir Island to do battle with Moira’s evil, long-hinted son – the reality-warping, body-snatching MUTANT X, aka PROTEUS. They eke out a victory, but Banshee remains behind with Moira as the X-Men head home, where they find Professor X, returned from space early to check in on the Phoenix subplot. A tip from Cerebro sends them off to find two new mutants, suburban teenager KITTY PRYDE and New York disco hipster DAZZLER; this turns into a showdown with EMMA FROST of the HELLFIRE CLUB, who seem to have anticipated the X-Men’s every move!

SUBPLOT WATCH: Wyngarde continues his meddling with Phoenix, somehow making her believe she’s slipping back in time to the life of a Hellfire-themed 18th century ancestor. Jean’s powers (and her increasingly casual use of them), continue to plague everyone’s minds. Meanwhile, Colleen Wing quietly disappears from the comic.

So first up is the Proteus thing, which at four issues is probably the longest single coherent story we’ve seen to date. How’d it play for you?

Uzumeri: Loved it.

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Uzumeri x Godel #6: Lord, Lord, Mr. Whisper (Batman: Gothic)

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Godel: Welcome back to Uzumeri x Godel, where we’ve been retracing the DC Comics career of Grant Morrison! Having wrapped up Animal Man a while back, we now move on to Batman: Gothic, a story originally serialized in Legends of the Dark Knight #6-10 (1990). This is a big one for David’s regular readers: it’s our first look at Morrison writing Batman, the superhero with whom both David and Grant are arguably most closely linked at this point. If you follow David’s Batman annotations over at Comics Alliance, then you know what a big moment this is.

The story here is that Bruce Wayne, in private school, had an evil teacher named Mr. Winchester, alias Mr. Whisper, who turns out to really be a 17th-century monk who sold his soul to the devil for three hundred years of immortality. Those years are almost up, and in the present-day, Batman is drawn into battle with Whisper as the latter prepares a last-ditch effort to live on past his due date.

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A Short Post About a Bar

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Just a quick blurb to get the word out: last night I was at Grace O’Malley’s in downtown Toronto. While on my way to the bathroom, I got accosted by two huge bouncers who said they needed to talk to me. I’d just gotten there from the Ballroom, so when they asked me where my friends were, I accidentally said “upstairs” – I was a bit freaked out at the time, so I forgot we’d moved. I was informed there was no upstairs and that I should go home, since I was clearly lying. When I asked why I’d been removed and couldn’t get back in, I was told it was because I didn’t “have boobs.” With no way to contact my friends outside, I had to leave my phone and laptop bag there, since they wouldn’t let me retrieve them. I had to just go home and email everybody and tell them to hold on to my phone and laptop so I could get them at work tomorrow.

So, uh, anything I can do to hurt their business is fine with me. Be warned.