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Iron Man, Court of Owls and the Baby Swap (Spoilerz for IM17 obvs)

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I ain’t talked about comics in a while, so c’mon, y’all, let’s rap about COMICS.

Kieron Gillen and Carlo Pagulayan wrapped up the “Secret Origin of Tony Stark” arc in Iron Man yesterday, and when I closed the proverbial cover/touched “Back” on my iPad, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the work Snyder, Tynion and Albuquerque did in the flashback backups near the end of their Court of Owls megastory in Batman.

In those backups, I was dead positive that the child Martha was pregnant with was Bruce, and that the older child we’d seen in the flashbacks was actually Thomas all along. Instead, Snyder used the New 52 to have Bruce remember his mother having a failed pregnancy when he was a kid, with the eventual revelation that Thomas actually was born, was kept in a hospital and eventually got taken in by the Court of Owls, all under Li’l Brucie’s li’l nose, which is fair because he was more concerned about Tonka trucks, experimental Waynetech 3D mapping technologies and spelunking at that age than trying to figure out what was going on with his psychopathic, sinister bro. It was a reveal that worked well, with the arc finally ending with a question mark over whether Lincoln March was actually Thomas Wayne Jr. or just a dude the Court of Owls selected and tricked into thinking he was TW2. (This, by the way, should be his new supervillain name since Owlman is taken by his Earth-3 counterpart.)

But meanwhile, over in Iron Man, Gillen’s been pulling the wool over my eyes for months. We’ve had flashback after flashback of Howard and Maria Stark during a pregnancy, and the entire goddamn time the idea that the kid wasn’t Tony never even crossed my mind. I almost wonder if I wouldn’t have been more suspicious if I hadn’t just gotten burned a year ago with that suspicion in Batman. Either way, the moment of realization was beautifully delivered, and was all the more agreeable because Gillen very cleverly posited us with a far more upsetting change a few issues earlier: the idea that Tony Stark was himself a biological robot, a deterministic machine rather than a self-made, free-thinking human. Now, the record’s been flipped to the total other side: not only is Tony completely self-made, he’s self-made to the point where all he inherited from the Starks was their money and memes, NOT their genes. He’s got social privilege, there’s no question about that, but he wasn’t a missile pointed at his path by a consequentialist space robot, he’s a man who chose it freely given the opportunities available to him. He’s even more self-made than he was before.

(I’d pay money for a story of Li’l Genius Tony fucking around at the orphanage or wherever the Starks got him, manipulating people and events and making sure he gets adopted by them so he can have access to their resources.)

Anyway: while Lincoln March/TW2/New Earth Owlman/Crazy Zombie Motherfucker has, for now, slipped off the map, I’m really looking forward to the upcoming adventures of the Super Stark Brothers, who, I can only hope, will soon have a riotous, head-block-busting time against some Hammer Brothers.